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Destin Golf Instructor: Norm Tums Norm Tums
Director of Instruction
Sandestin School of Golf

Monthly Golf Tip

Tips from the Pros! - Avoid the Fried Egg

If you are like most of us, you have hit what you thought was a great approach shot only to arrive greenside and find that you not only came up short in the bunker, but the ball is half way buried in the sugar white sand.  You’ve gone from thinking birdie to making sand castles in a manner of 10 seconds.  Well here is a tip to unbury that ball and save par, while also avoid becoming a fried egg yourself during these scorching summer months.

The best approach to a buried lie is to envision the ball being popped out of its sandy hole with a steep strike directly behind the ball.  So move the ball back in your stance and aim right of your target, the ball will move left after impact.  Now push your hands forward over your left leg and dramatically close the clubface.  Your swing should then be an up and down motion rather than around your body, striking the sand about 3 inches behind the ball, very firmly.  If you have executed correctly, the ball will shoot up in to the air to the left landing softly next to the hole for your par putt.  But remember if it isn’t this pretty the first go-round, don’t be afraid to try again.  With a little practice this shot will no longer be intimidating and a real stroke saver.

Now to avoid becoming a fried egg yourself, prepare by purchasing plenty of water from the friendly staff in the snack bar.  Hydration is the key and yes, you need to drink water and not just beer.  Additionally, apply plenty of sunscreen and cool off in the shade whenever possible.  At Sandestin, we offer our golfers cool refreshing mango towels during the round so be sure to take advantage of these as well.  A fried egg golf ball is bad enough, no need to become one too!

Please contact Norm Tums, lead instructor of the Sandestin Golf Academy at (850) 267-8156 or by email at For more information about Florida golf getaway packages, call .