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Destin Golf Instructor: Norm Tums Norm Tums
Director of Instruction
Sandestin School of Golf

Monthly Golf Tip


Many students I have complain about being inconsistent on shorter putts. Most of them that I observe have too much wrist motion which makes it a coin flip whether they will make the putt or not. I have a simple drill that anyone can use to make shorter putts more consistent.

Start from about 3 to 4 feet and start by using your left hand only. Choke down a little on the putter and start putting for 5 minutes or so with the left hand only. This will control the left wrist and keep the clubface from being too open or closed. Next, use the same distances and use only the right hand. This will help you to keep the loft of the putter more consistent by not letting your wrist flip up at impact. You will feel the palm of your right hand go toward the hole. By using both hands separately in this drill for a period of time it will teach your hands to react better together and down the road you will see better results on your critical putts.

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