Woman in exercise clothes holding her lower back

Sports Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage, which accelerates the recuperation of the muscles and reduces tension and paid produced by physical exercise.

  • Man receiving massage therapy


Minutes Guests Members
15 $65 $55
30 $85 $70
60 $130 $110

Please note that a 20% gratuity charge will be added to all massage services.

To make a reservation, please call 850-267-6464.

Benefits of sports massage:

  • Speeds up the healing of damaged or overworked tissues and muscles thus reduces recovery time and allows a person to regain their health and performance
  • Increase fitness capabilities and performance potential
  • Prevents future injury by identifying and treating current muscle weakness, tiredness and problem areas
  • Post-event massage helps clears out waste and toxins i.e lactic acid from muscles, reducing stiffness and enabling a faster recovery than post event rest
  • Massage helps break up adhesions that can develop between the fascia of different muscles, thus improving muscle suppleness and mobility
  • Enables muscles and joints to heal faster after injury
  • Improves flexibility and the suppleness of muscles and joints
  • Peak performance can be reached faster and, once reached, sustained over longer