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Group Fitness Classes

What moves you? Do you like to go with the flow or do you prefer to tap into your inner dancer? Torch calories with an indoor cycling class or get stronger with some strength training intervals. Sure, you can stick with your favorite class, but why not try something new?

Sandestin Classes

Women doing planks on a stability ball

Yoga with Props

A traditional Yoga class using balls, blocks, etc.

kettle ball class

Body Shape

Strength training class using dumbbells and multi-movements.

a woman doing mountain climber exercises

Cardio / Core

A high Intensity cardio class incorporating drills of kicks and punches.

fitness dance class

Cardio Dance

A choreographed cardio dance class. Get ready for some fun!

woman doing rows with hand weights

Functional Fitness

Strength class that involves exercises that equip us for life. Bending, twisting, lifting, and pulling using a variety of props to increase balance and mobility.

v-sits for an aerobics class

Mind Body Flow

A type of mind-body exercise using physical postures to strengthen, stretch, and improve balance.

woman doing yoga

Gentle Yoga

A class designed for active older adults and beginners. This class focusses on improving posture, muscular endurance, strengthening joints, and muscles.

woman doing a plank on a stability ball

On the Ball

Strength training class using dumbbells and Stability Ball.

woman using pilates equipment


A type of mind-body exercise which concentrates on strengthening and stretching the body with an emphasis on core strength.



A type of mind-body exercise using physical postures to strengthen and stretch as well as breathing techniques to relieve stress.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is the gentlest form of Yoga practiced. Participants use the chair in a seated position as well as a standing position.


Senior Pilates

A class designed for adults 62 and over as well as beginners who want to improve their core strength, flexibility, mobility, stamina, balance, and overall body fitness.

zumba class


A cardio  dance class inspired by Latin music that will keep your heart pumping. 


Zumba Gold

A dance aerobics class that takes Latin and international rhythms to active older adults or beginners modifying for success.

high energy zumba class

Zumba Tone

Our Zumba class incorporating strength intervals for a full body workout. 


Argentine Tango

Learn the fundamentals of Argentine Tango dance.

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