weights in front of a window overlooking the golf course

Group Fitness Classes

What moves you? Do you like to go with the flow or do you prefer to tap into your inner dancer? Torch calories with an indoor cycling class or get stronger with some strength training intervals. Sure, you can stick with your favorite class, but why not try something new?

Sandestin Classes

Women doing planks on a stability ball

Abs & Ball

An abdominal and strength toning class using the stability ball. 

kettle ball class

Body Shape

A one-hour strength training class that works the entire body with weights, tubes, and bands. 

a woman doing mountain climber exercises

Body Shape Plus

Our Body Shape Class with quick high-intensity cardio drills. 

fitness dance class

Cardio Dance Party

An aerobic dance class that will keep your heart pumping. 

woman doing rows with hand weights

Circuit Training

Body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. 

spin class


A high calorie burning adventure on indoor bikes. (30 minutes)

men and women in a spin class

Cycle Sculpt

Indoor bicycling that incorporates strength intervals off the bike for a full body workout. 

v-sits for an aerobics class


A flow  of stretch and strength intervals improving balance and flexibility while challenging the core. 

woman sitting on the ground wearing tab shoes

Intro to Tap

Basic tap  dancing  for beginners and advanced individuals. No tap  shoes required. 

man doing a crunch

Lower Body

Strength training focusing on the lower body and abdominals. 

woman doing yoga

Mixed Flow Yoga

Accessible by beginners and more advanced students. 

woman doing a plank on a stability ball

On the Ball

Light weight training while utilizing a stability ball. 

woman using pilates equipment


Designed to improve core strength and flexibility. 

step aerobics class


A cardio class using the step and choreographed step patterns. 

woman boxing

Turbo Kick

A cardio class using kickboxing style choreography. 

woman lifting weights

Upper Body

Strength training focusing on the upper body.  (30 minutes)

zumba class


A cardio  dance class inspired by Latin music that will keep your heart pumping. 

high energy zumba class

Zumba Tone

Our Zumba class incorporating strength intervals for a full body workout. 

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