5 Easy Ways to Go Green on Vacation

We are so fortunate to call the Destin area and Miramar Beach our home, we almost forget what makes it so beautiful, Mother Nature.

Do you remember your favorite beach vacation from childhood? Making sandcastles on the pristine beaches with the clear blue- green waters. Don’t you want those memories for the next generation? Well, there are some simple things you can do on vacation that will not upset your beach vibes AND will help with keeping our beaches beautiful for years to come.

Bring your own water bottle.

Ditch the plastic cups. Although Sandestin uses recyclable cups and paper straws, it is an environmental saver to bring your own to the beach. Ask your bartender to fill up your cup with your favorite beverage (adult or otherwise) and you have just made your first step to becoming environmentally friendly. Shop Sandestin has some of the coolest reusable water bottles that have compartments for your keys, cash and cards too!

Linen Services.

Because Sandestin is a resort, you are already participating in this little green initiative. By not washing linens every day you are saving water and helping the environment. While this is great, we all know someone who needs their sheets cleaned more often, and that’s okay. There are options to have your linens changed and cleaned more often during your stay.

Walk, bike, shuttle or golf cart.

Instead of grabbing your keys and starting your car, use some of the provided transportation on property. If you are lucky enough to rent your accommodation with a golf car, you have an electric ride with awesome parking capabilities all around Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. If not, you have the Sandestin Shuttle and FREE bike rentals as a Sandestin guest too!

Turn out the lights.

While this may be something you don’t typically think about, the lights we use at night can sometimes disturb the wildlife in the area, particularly endangered sea turtles during nesting season (March-October). When you hit the beach during turtle season consider using only one flashlight or even let the moon be you light. This also applies to lights that overlook the beach, as it can confuse hatchlings and discourage female turtles from nesting.

Utilize the trashcans.

We have a new addition to Jolee Island thanks to troop 356 from Roswell, Ga and Eagle Scout Max Karetny. As a part of earning his eagle rank, Max had to create and oversee a service project and chose Jolee Island. He and his troop built four trash and recycling receptacles that he placed around Jolee Island to help keep Sandestin beautiful. Take a page from Max’s book and make sure you are putting your trash in the right containers and not left out in nature.