Social media Do's and Dont's for Weddings

We all know how easy it is to lean out to the center of the aisle during a wedding processional, or to use our selfie stick for an above-the-crowd photo with our smart phones. 

Bride and groom walking down the aisle at a garden wedding

From wanting to have action shots, to wanting the credit of posting “the kiss,” it’s a way that we feel we can contribute to our friend and family’s special day. However, there are social media manners, that guests should be aware of before being “that” guest who pops in front of the photographer for the best photo.

Here are the top do’s and don’ts when attending a wedding.

DO respect the couple’s wishes. If the couple requests a tech-free wedding, then put away the phone and enjoy the special occasion. Most wedding’s now have photo booths available or the photographer will provide professional photos of the special day. If you must take a selfie, do so before or after the special event.

DON’T go “live” with the couple’s vows, first kiss or other special moments. This is their day, so give them the opportunity to share video or photos with the social media world when they are ready.

DO use a provided hashtag when posting photos to social media. Hashtags are the disposable cameras of 2016, so if given a wedding day hashtag to use, take advantage so the couple can easily find their images online.

DON’T send out a photo of the bride before she walks down the aisle. There is something magical about seeing the bride come down the aisle for the first time (even if there are first-look photos). The groom doesn’t want to see a picture of his bride on Instagram before coming down the aisle.

DO turn off your ringer and avoid unimportant calls. You are a guest and they want to share their special day with you, so be there…all there.

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