Go Planet, it's your Earth Day!

Here at Sandestin® Golf and Beach resort, we take pride in the beauty of our natural grounds and want to keep them that way.

Jason Draughn, Recreation Director here at Sandestin®, organized an Earth Day cleanup for staff and guests to participate. Volunteers from Sandestin Foundation for Kids and Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance were also there to pitch in. We started bright and early and in just a few hours were able to pick up a truck load of garbage from our marina shoreline. While most of our findings were not visible to public visitor areas, it’s a reminder that every little gum wrapper ends up somewhere and that should be the trash, not the marsh.

Sandestin® strives to be as picture perfect as it can be, but we can’t do it alone. When visiting the resort do your part in using the garbage cans located throughout the resort, contain anything that can fly off your golf cart and most importantly leave only footprints on our glistening white sands.

2021 so far has given us some of the bluest skies and the most stunning sunsets we’ve seen in a while and we are sure that there are many more to come. Come join us and enjoy miles of pedestrian, bike and golf cart paths that weave through natural groves of live oaks, lagoons, fountains, man-made lakes, and meticulously landscaped fairways.

5 ways to celebrate Earth Day every day!

  • Use a reusable water bottle. More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills every day. Snag yourself one in our Welcome Center gift shop!
  • Leave only footprints when visiting the resort and beaches. Trash receptacles are placed at each access for your convenience.
  • Plastic bags end up in our emerald green waters and are mistaken for food by birds, dolphins, sea turtles and other sea life. Help prevent this by using a reusable tote bag. Snag yourself one in our Welcome Center gift shop!
  • Turn off the lights when you leave your room. Did you know that when you stay at our new Hotel Effie, your lights are powered with your key card? This is to ensure that no energy is wasted while you are not in your room.
  • Why drive when you can walk, bike or even tram your way around the property? Enjoy the natural surroundings and save some emissions by leaving your vehicle behind.